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  1. Penny’s Pilchards

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  2. Dukkah – 100gm

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  3. Together – 100ml

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  4. Jimmy’s Chewy Roo

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Customer Reviews

Our little Kye goes crazy over these treats.

Shelley L

All of our 3 dogs absolutely love their Pure Pet Product treats.

Dr. Ashleigh M

My dogs have never loved dinner time more!

Vicki + Jimmy, Max & Jeff

Thank you for your amazing products and service.

Narelle & Coco

Linda - you guys have always been fantastic!  Teddy will be very chuffed not to run out of his fav treats! He is a rather discerning pooch (as is his sensitive tummy), so he only has your products!

Melinda & Teddy

Hi..I bought some ruby rose's chicken chunks to give to my cat "Charlie" as a treat. He loves them ♥♥

Paige & Charlie Chicken Lips