About Us

Our Story

Pure Pet Products are passionate about providing the highest standard and quality in all we do. For more than 7 years we have researched and developed creating a reputation of the highest quality products and continue to test new products behind the scene to constantly evolve and bring you exciting new creations.

Everything about Pure Pet Products, from product to packaging is focused towards achieving the most unique and trustworthy brand for people who love their pets. New products are being researched and developed ongoing so there will be more choice for all our furry family members….feline as well as canine.

Tested on Humans because we love your pets!

Why Choose Pure Pet Products?

We aligned with vets to create our range, then tested on 1000’s of dogs and cats to find a perfectly balanced product range to cater for the majority rather than the minority. Each product has gone through stringent Agri Food testing, as well as shelf life testing for quality assurance providing a best before date for peace of mind.

At Pure Pet Products we are focused on achieving the most unique and trustworthy brand for people who love and value their pets health and wellbeing, that is why we fully guarantee our products as we are backed by the paws of approval.

Founding Director – Linda Taylor

Linda has a very unique belief that everyone is equal and her willingness to always give back has kept her focused throughout her life.

After many years of working within an international luxury goods company, with vast experience across a multitude of industries, Linda chose to study dog grooming for 4 months in New York City.

Upon her return to Perth, Western Australia, she contracted to a vet clinic and within a short time realised not all pets were being treated equally when it came to treats and dietary need.

After working with vets and clients alike Pure Pet Products was born, providing premium treats the majority of cats and dogs could enjoy.


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