Our Ambassadors

Pure Pet Products are represented by a pack of dog ambassadors who have a keen sense of whether a treat is good enough to be a treat. All of our products have been certified by all of our ambassadors. Enjoy trialling the range to find your woofers favourite treat!

P.S. Remember these are treats & must not be a meal replacement, serve sensibly… Each packet contains approximately 14 serves.


Cosmo is a true family man spending his days with his Grandma or Aunty then evenings with Mum. Loves nothing more than to hangout on weekends with Grandpa. Cosmo and Ruby Rose have a very special relationship.

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Is a cool beach dude, tending towards all activities that involve relaxing with family & friends. He never passes up the opportunity to have a massage…Mmmmmm!

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Although he is close to his Dad, he has a very special relationship with his Mum as he goes to work with her everyday. His job criteria includes greeting clients & co ordinating staff in between naps.

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Ruby Rose

Ruby is cheeky & stylish with a singing voice of an angel. She generously shares her time with each member of her family and to them she is heaven sent.

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Jimmy Choo

Is an outdoors boy with a very busy daily schedule including school pick ups & drop off, the park with friends & visiting his favourite frozen yoghurt shop ( one has to watch the waistline).

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