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Dukkah – 100gm


Beautiful new range to assist our fussy eaters.
Three Dukkah varieties have been created for both dogs and cats.
These 100gm packs have a resealable tie and measuring spoon.


Kangaroo: Suitable for all sensitivities, our Kangaroo Dukkah is hand carved using the leanest kangaroo meat, organic kelp to reduce oral plaque, peppermint for fresh breath and catnip to help calm.

Seafood: The ideal tempter for the fussiest of eaters, our Seafood Dukkah is the perfect blend of calamari, snapper and prawns. A rich source or protein and low in fat, suitable for pets with allergies.

Chicken: A rich source of protein made from a delicious blend of free-range chicken breast, chicken liver and parsley. Our Chicken Dukkah is the ideal tempter to suit all tastes.

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Directions – Sprinkle over wet food or lightly water mist dry food prior to sprinkling your favourite flavour.
For small dogs and cats use between a pinch to 1/4 teaspoon up to 1 teaspoon for large dogs.
Up to 100 serves for package.

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Chicken 100gm, Seafood 100gm, Kangaroo 100gm