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Penny’s Pilchards


Susie’s Snapper is a unique treat which is perfect for allergy sufferers or fussy eaters. For our dogs and cats who love a fish option.  The amazing taste will be sure to have your pets meowing and barking for more!

100% Australian Snapper Fillets

Fat 0.08%; Protein 0.9%; Energy 32kj; Carbohydrates 0%; (per 10gm serve)

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Penny’s Pilchards are a unique, alternative treat – perfect for the seafood-lover! The entrails are carefully removed by hand, keeping the pilchards whole to be enjoyed as a crunchy, delicious treat. A favourite among both canine and feline friends!


100% Whole Pilchards
Just 8% fat
63% protein

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40gm, 100gm, 220gm