1. The team were so helpful when it came to selecting the best option for Tuska. She has food and environment allergies so I wanted something that wouldn't cause more tummy and skin issues. I've been putting a bit of the seafood dukkah in her water, which has meant she drinks more and it still feels like I'm giving her a treat!

    Christopher, owner of Tuska
  2. My Sumi loves your Susie's Snapper, she goes crazy for it in fact

    Aryna, owner of Sumi
  3. My kitten is not remotely food-driven and I was finding he wasn’t really eating his kibble. I started sprinkling your kangaroo dukkah over his dinner and he now runs over whenever I refill his bowl! Love that it has the peppermint to help with stinky breath, too.

    Mikey, owner of Mowgli
  4. I actually sprinkled the kangaroo dukkah out for my dog as my cat is usually not interested in treats. I could not believe it when Floyd (our cat) suddenly started tucking in! He loved it so much he even rolled around in it! Will definitely be ordering more

    Shannon, owner of Floyd
  5. Our 9 year old cat has always been fussy, but as she has got older she has become even more so. Your seafood dukkah and treats have helped get her interested in her food again! We sprinkle the dukkah over her meals and she loves it

    Sarah, owner of Autumn
  6. To be honest, my dog will eat anything – including socks and seaweed. But your Susie’s snapper treats help me get the socks back! Seve’s vet is happy too because they aren’t ruining her diet

    Sarah, owner of Seve
  7. We have used Ted’s Liver tempters throughout all our puppy training. She just loves them and I don’t feel guilty rewarding her with them, as I know they’re 100% natural. When it’s time to go home during a walk, I just have to get the packet out and she comes running!

    Christine, owner of Chloe
  8. Our little Kye goes crazy over these treats.

    Shelley, owner of Kye
  9. Wanda is a fussy eater and usually only eats chicken, but she LOVES your Susie’s Snapper. We are so thrilled she is finally getting some variety in her diet and additional nutrients!

    Sam, owner of Wanda